"Why did you cut your hair?It was long.."

Another girl asked me if I’d suffered from a mental breakdown, to which I answered with a sane smile and a naughty wink,”Maybe.”I must admit I did flash back to when Miss.Britney shaved her head bald after her (I assume “speculated”) mental meltdown and I had to chuckle.

Let me shed some light on the situation.I had just publicly debuted my really short hair cut, it was a little thicker and longer than a buzz cut but it did cause quite a buzz about me.Everyone was shocked (and I’d be accurate if I said others were plainly mortified), some seemed to genuinely like it (mostly my vanilla friends and co-workers), some didn’t have an opinion(as if I couldn’t read their facial expressions..and let me say actions do speak louder than words,lol) and my own mother hated it (still does to be honest).

Anyway now of that matters because I’m happy with the decision I made to cut my armpit length chemically straightened hair to grow my hair naturally-kinks, coils, curls and all! It may still be short but I’m going to grow it to my waist and it’s going to be so luscious, strong and heathy that I can hardly wait.Although I must admit I’m enjoying the journey every single day(through the highs and lows).

I’m so thankful for God making me just the way I am, if He didn’t see me fitting to adorn a head of silky straight strands that my beautiful vanilla sisters have I’m certainly willing to embrace the whirls and swirls that my hair naturally grows out as,mimicking His glorious galaxies and nebulas I love so much.